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Dr. John is passionate about delivering life-changing content to diverse audiences.

He seeks to engage, entertain and educate high-performing individuals and groups on topics spanning all areas of mental health.

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The Neurobiology of Addiction: This Is Really Your Brain on Drugs

Difficult Patients: Revisiting Groves Hateful Patient in the 21st Century

It’s Just Weed, Man!: Marijuana and the Adolescent Brain

Impaired Physician

When The Brain Doesn’t Forget: The Problem of Too Much Memory and Addiction

Opiate Use Disorders and Treatments For Opiate Use Disorders,

Opiate Use Disorder: What is Medication-Assisted Treatment and Why it Matters

Mind Benders or Mind Menders? The Future of Psychedelics in Modern Medicine

When The Physician Becomes The Patient: Substance Use Disorders and The

Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n Roll: On Stage in the Mesolimbic Pathway

Neurobiology of Addiction

Medical Complications That Can Be Associated With Opiate Use Disorders